Anna Izquierdo Gilabert
Someone died some time ago at the corner of
Avenida Icària and Calle Alàba in Barcelona.
Since then, every so often, they come to tie a bunch of white daisies wrapped in transparent plastic with a string to the lamppost. The flowers wither and when they dry, someone come to tie new ones. Important memory spaces for certain people are not for the others that anodyne places of urban transit. I am documenting this ritual to intend to turn visible something that I see every day. This day-to-day project is in some ways a statement of intents, is a way to stay active against what I see in my daily routines, a way to be aware of these strong but nearly invisible human modifications in the urban landscape.
Margaritas - work in progress
I found out recently that about 150m of
the daisies, there is a rose tied to a pipe for a different but similar reason. The flower is in front of the women’s prison of Wad-Ras, and is the gift of a lover to one of the prisoners. In 150m flowers in homage to death and love. I am now working in this project documenting this two rituals.