Anna Izquierdo Gilabert
This past 27th of September, I had eye surgery and stopped being short-sighted. Before the operation, I said goodbye to routines that were going to change: seeing my blurry body when I shower, putting my glasses on every morning, being afraid of the sea, not seeing when it rains...
I collaborated with three photographers who helped me document this process: Rita Puig-Serra, Ana Piñero and Duna Vallés. I came across the cover image several weeks later the operation, being hypnotize by the ceiling of my shower.
It is the ceiling of the bathroom of my house. When I take a shower, I like to look at it and pay close attention to the imperfect line that draws the white paintwork before reaching the ceiling. I always look at it since I had my surgery. I can no longer not look at it. It kind of relaxes me. Maybe it’s a way of meditation. To feel comfortable in
the space where I am I need to pay attention to its constructive details, the decoration, the symmetries and the distances between the lines, the plots, the objects and the decorations.